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AVICORE  Reporting



Nationally Certified Videographers supply deposition services with duplication, synching and editing capabilities.

New Hampshire's Full Service Court Reporting Agency


Specialize in Medical/Technical

Med Mal, Product Liability, Contract & Patent Law

Expedite, Daily Delivery - Real-Time Depositions.

Electronic Transcripts (e-Transcript (PTX) & PDF

Scanned Exhibits (PDF)

Condensed & Work Product ASCII

Arbitration & Mediation.

For over 18 years, our Nationally Certified and State Licensed professionals have provided a complete array of court reporting, videotape, videoconferencing and transcription services.  Our highly qualified and experienced team continues to travel throughout the entire State of New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts, Western Maine and Eastern Vermont.  We go where you need us.  Conference rooms available in downtown Manchester for your convenience.

Transcription Services - Hearings: Labor, Safety, BTLA, etc.


Be Face to Face

when you're not in the same place.

Worldwide Coverage